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2018 Important Schema Tags

Organization Schema

Organization should be sitewide

*The most important part appears to be the SameAs attribute in this list. Make sure this connects Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn per entity. If you have more social profiles, add them. They need to be unique per location (Facebook allows multi location). It doesn’t matter if you even post on them, just make sure they link back exactly to your specific URL without redirects.

Creative Schema

SiteNavigationElement Schema sitewide for the primary menu. Pro tip: in WordPress you can make a menu specifically for this and help control your sitelinks in the SERPs.

About Page

For the about page:

Local Business

** If a multi-location business, add unique LocalBusiness Schema per location page.

Better Business Bureau Tips


  • 1-3 Employees: 400.00
  • 4-10 Employees: 445.00
  • 11-20 Employees: 515.00
  • 21-50 Employees: 645.00
  • 51-100 Employees: 815.00
  • 101-200 Employees: 1000
  • 200+ Employees: 2000
  • 300+ Employees: 3000

(1099 Employees DO NOT count, you are the "Marketing Director" and a 1099 employee.)


  • Code 500: non-issue, the BBB only is involved with service issues so if someone attempts to file a complaint over anything else it goes 500 and is only visible internally, the public never knows it existed.
  • 150: That is when a complaint was filed, the business responded and the consumer never replied to that response. At our end it is assumed resolved and a green flag, no effect on rating
  • 110: This is when a complaint is filed, the business responds, and then the consumer replies back in conclusion that they were satisfied with the overall resolution
  • 200: This is the only red flare to consumers and is when a complaint was filed and the business flat out did not respond or if they did was in a negative fashion stating that they would do nothing else and that they didn't care or something to that effect. These will pull down a business's rating significantly often resulting in a F rating. Companies have to go out of their way to bring this on themselves. And enough 200's , depending on frequency and severity, will often get the NC attorney general's office involved.
  • 999 that is worth knowing about which is advertising issue: these come about in re false or implausible claims such as: We have the lowest prices, or a business is advertising that they're doing work that requires a specific license that they don't carry, etc., or we are Number 1 in the regions for blah blah blah. Now if a company can substantiate it with us then we leave it go but and all is good but I think you get it. Often vague or misleading statements on web sites are most often the cause of this.

And that is pretty much all there is to it. Also, you should know that no complaint is ever posted publicly until it is completely closed out, both sides have had ample time to reply, and we have weighed through all the evidence. Don't forget, once they're accredited they have our arbitration and mediation services at their disposal where people from their profession and legal industry donate their time to come and conduct binding and non-binding hearings here.